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When was the last time you saw a dragon in the wild? Never? It's not surprising. Their species has long been misunderstood, hunted to extinction by wandering knights who could barely match wits with their own mounts.

The association of dragons with evil began over a thousand years ago, when Satan was identified as a dragon in the Bible, and that Beowulf guy tried to stab one and got chewed up. As time passed, villagers, who had little else to do while washing the clothes or tilling the fields, made up tales about the poor beasts, transforming them into hideous, fire-breathing monstrosities that hoarded treasure and tore apart virgin sacrifices. Meanwhile, the dragons sat in their caves, playing poker with pebbles for chips. They avoided the human race because they were uncomfortable with the fear that their appearance inspired in those tiny beings from the wooden caves. They didn't want to cause any trouble.

They'd learned centuries ago that human meat was stringy and fatty, and they weren't particularly interested in the meat that the humans kept in pens, so they changed their omnivorous ways. They ate trees, saving the seeds to replace what they'd taken, and caught fish for special occasions. Like their cousins the Eastern dragons, they were fair and kind and wise--and especially wise when it came to making good coffee. (The dragons didn't abuse this coffee; it was only in the later half of second millenium A.D. that coffee became evil, and that was the fault of the humans, who were unhappy with the number of hours in the day.)

Anyway, to sum it all up, humans got all the big, dumb guys in the villages together, wrapped them in tin foil, and sent them off to skewer the dragons (and disturb their poker game). The dragons that weren't killed were forced into hiding. Today, the dragon who inches his head out of the closet is still bound to get it lopped off. Society still fears and hates dragons, despite the fact that they've done no more wrong than humans. The government, should it get its greedy hands on them, would confine them in small wire cages and subject them to cruel tests. Most people would just shoot them. People are cutting down the trees they eat, polluting the waters where they fish on dragon holidays...

Doesn't anyone love dragons? Who will stand up for them? Will they ever have the rights that humans take for granted?

Dragons are now an endangered species. The Save the Dragons Campaign demands that these dragons be protected and embraced.
By joining the Campaign, you swear:

small green push pin To help dragons in need and prevent others from harming them
small blue push pin To replant trees so that the dragons don't starve to death, as they refuse to eat humans
small purple push pin To not abuse coffee.

Or, if that's just too much for you:
small green push pin To wish for wings and a tail.

If this sounds like your thing, click below and join the Campaign. With enough voices in the Campaign, we can make a difference! Dragons everywhere will be free!

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